Herding Cats = Field Trips

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

If you've ever had the misfortune of planning a field trip then you know that their are far more than just three things that make Field Trips a drag. There are so many things that can go wrong it's unbelievable. After Elementary school, going on a field trip just becomes an excuse for students to miss other classes. Lets just jump into it.

1. Paperwork

Filling out a form to get approval to fill out the the field trip request form so I can fill out the form to request transportation (this isn't a literary work get over that last sentence). After that I make the parent permission forms and the "student release from class permission form". If your counting along that's 5 forms, for a field trip that took 2 hours and was 15 min from the school.

2. The Bus

I'm going to assume that the majority of field trips utilize bus transportation. Bus driver roulette is the game that never seems to disappoint. Let me preface this with I love bus drivers. They may have the patience of Job (from the bible). You don't willingly go into bus driving unless you legitimately working with love children or you are a glutton for punishment. That being said, who you get as your bus driver can make or break your trip. I've compiled a list of Bus driver types below.

Bus Driver Types

The Bus Driver Who...

  • ...Wants to talk to you the entire trip.

  • ...Never seems to be looking at the road.

  • ...Has no clue where they are going.

  • ...plays only classic rock way to loud.

  • ...never blinks or moves their head. (this person may be a serial killer)

  • ...yells at the kids when they get loud. (i get it)

  • ...would be the best road trip sidekick ever. (You know they have good music interesting conversation, and they brought good snack. This driver is the unicorn of bus drivers. I've had this bus driver once that was the best 10 min bud ride ever. Thanks Steve!)

3. At The Site

When you finally get there, hopefully they have a tour guide or someone else to take the reins because you're just surprised you made it. Let them take it from here. Queue the music...

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TCA is a Ex-Mechanical Engineer in his 4th year teaching. He takes his coffee black and his tequila on the rocks. There is a good chance everything he writes has errors...Engineers are't known for their writing prowess.


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