The Teachers Lounge - Alabama vs Clemson (Sports! in case you didn't know)

If you're reading this and are wondering "What sport is he talking about?" then this blog is perfect for you. If you already know, then this blog is perfect for you. Now that I've had enough time to reflect on what happened last night, I can finally write something coherent instead of just babbling about what I lost. Don't worry this will help you in case you're "football challenged" and just want enough information to try and jump in on the conversation with the coaches at lunch.

First things First. This was an Ass Kicking. Freaking beat down. If you need one highlight to describe the entire clinic. Here it is.

We make a lot of jokes about breaking ankles but this is stupid.

Need some stats to spit at the table?

Passing Yards

Clem 482 - Bama 443

Rushing Yards

Clem 135 - Bama 148

Those numbers don't even come close to telling the story. Really pretty even right? No...Just No. The number on team in the country doesn't lose by 28 points and only get out gained by 26 yards.

Was it a stifling defense? It wasn't overwhelming stat wise but if you look at the timing of the Clemson defense it becomes clear that Alabama was outclassed.


Clem 2 - Bama 0

Total Tackles

Clem 70 - Bama 47

Turnover Ratio

Clem +2

The Golden Combination

Alabama 3rd Down Conversion Rate... 4/13 (30.8%)

Alabama 4th Down Conversion Rate... 3/6 (50%)

Combined for 7/19 (36.8%)

Pure trash for a team touted to be in a class of their own. Clemson came to play on 3rd and 4th down. It makes it easy to post these numbers when you run a dumb ass fake field goal attempt on 4th and 6...

Do they want to talk gambling at the table? Sure why not. Everyone wants to sound like they know they took the points on Clemson and made bank.

Right before the game start Clemson line was +5.5 points. By halftime most books were taking action at Clemson -7.5 points. WTF. Alabama is going to lose by over a TD? Naw that isn't going to happen...

Trevor Lawrence "Hold my beer."

You want to get a couple of laughs at the table? Say the following... (all dad jokes in the chamber here)

1. "It was a great game...for the first quarter hahaha"

2. "Ala-Who hahaha"

3. Show everyone this video https://youtu.be/wN4uwKYJ1EE

Long Story Short: Watch college football next season. It makes you more interesting and makes the longest part of the school year move much faster.

Schools Out.


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