The 3 Worst Weeks of the Year.

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

Every year follows roughly the same formula. School starts and everyone is excited to be back. Students are on their best behavior. We are at peak productivity as teachers. Our rooms and desks are organized. It's going to be a good year. For the most part that's true, but no matter how good or bad your year is going there are three weeks during the year that are an absolute disaster and I dare anyone to prove me wrong.

1. The Week Before Thanksgiving Break.

This is the first of the worst. We've all been grinding it out for 2 months with no vacation days. The weather is changing and everyone is getting sick. Some students are leaving early to travel with their families. It's a disaster. Attendance is poor. Their attention span is that of a gold fish. I get it, they see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you plan on doing anything serious during this week, you better be ready to have a make up version. To be honest you're probably better off leaching tryptophan into the water supply in your room. Either way good luck hope your don't get sick for thanksgiving dinner.

2. The Week Before Spring Break.

This is the by far the worst week of the year. Students are over it. You're Second semester grind is over. After this break the school schedule is full of state testing, AP testing, end of the year events, and finals. Its a mad house about to erupt. Really this is the unofficial end of the school year. If you can manage to teach any new content after this you'll be lucky. Unfortunately, you're probably too old to partake in college spring break shenanigans. You're a teacher after all you can't afford Cancun or Daytona Beach. You'll talk a big game and either end up in Vegas overpaying for a pool party or more likely than not staying at home and cleaning your house drinking margaritas.

3. The week before Summer Vacation

Yea, its "finals week" but if you weren't smart enough to plan ahead and find a way to give your final last week you messed up. EVERYONE is in D.E.G.A.F. mode, don't fight it embrace it. Have fun with the kids this week. This will have them leaving with a good impression of you even if you were a hard ass. I don't care what Admin says don't sign up for more than one Professional Development this summer. Say Bon Voyage to your PLC, no more planning this year. See you next August at institute week because lets be real you aren't doing anything this summer except trying to find another way to make some extra cash on a side hustle.

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