If Students Were Characters From 'The Office'. - Part 1

Let me start by saying that, I love The Office. It ushered me through high school an culminated in college with a finale that actually did the show justice. Ending a series with grace is nearly impossible. I can only really name a few series that went out on their own terms and did it in a way that left viewers feeling fulfilled. R.I.P 'The Office'.

I don't let a day go by without looking at someone and thinking...that person is Michael Scott or they are totally a Jim. It my version of 'Sex in the City'. This blog is dedicated to the students we have in class and if they were office characters. Everyone has a Creed, don't deny it. Let's take a look.

Kevin Malone

This student isn't the brightest. As a matter of fact they aren't even a light at all. They forget everything. They never have any idea whats going on. This kid would be dead already if not for dumb luck. You have to do everything in your power to keep this dummy from eating paint chips. The worst part is this kid is well liked and fairly social. You probably like this kid to. They are funny without trying and they are really kind. The problem is they are spreading their dumb germs to other kids. Good luck trying to fix them, you don't have the proper licensing or training to deal with this. Just let them be. If Darwin's theory is true then they won't be around much longer after high school any way.

Angela Martin

This student is the smart jerk in the classroom. Super uptight this kid rubs you the wrong way but always seems to get good grades. This kid pisses everyone off with some weird obsession with something. They annoy you with incessant questioning that have limited relevance to what you're actually talking about. Don't turn your back on this kids or make a mistake. They will call you out and if you make them upset with a bad grade or misspeak you'll be sure to "hear from their parents" Screw this kid. I'm getting pissed off just thinking about them. "I...love...all...of...my...students" (said through grit teeth. Give them the A don't fight them. It's better for you to just give the grade then have to sit in a meeting with the district lawyers discussing your grading policy and how you "bullied" this student.

Jim & Pam Halpert

If you've ever seen a "Good" high school relationship develop in your class then you've seen this couple. Yes I said good these are the healthy high school relationships where the couple stays together for nearly all 4 years and even beyond. Once they start dating they stick it out. This is the relationship that develops into the "Oh they got married right out of high school" or "Yea they broke up once they went to college". Either way if you have one of them in your class your probably going to see the other one daily. Somehow they each get out of whatever class they are in and land semi permanent enrollment in your class. Either way fighting young love is unlucky, so says the Chinese proverb. The Jim and Pam's of high school classrooms may be cute to the other students, but they really are just a distracting pain in the ass.

More to Come in Part 2

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