Grading During the Break Was a Stupid Idea.

Friday before winter break @ 3 PM: The bell rang and the campus cleared faster than Soldier Field after Cody Parkey hit the upright (Sports!). Yea everyone took off. Yet I remained. Should I finish my grades before break? Hell yea, why would I take all that work home before break? Que that feeling of "ugh I'm the only one still here at 3:04 PM." #Nope.

Live video feed of my subconscious. Not on loop.

If your looking for more to this story, don't. We all know how this story unfolds. I ate everything under the sun for two weeks. Didn't check a single email. Nerd alert Played Call of Duty, don't judge. An entire 2 weeks of ignoring responsibilities and avoiding work culminating in a moment of that can best be described as pure dread. The Scaries are real and alive and well. Time to grade these projects. Lesson learned, just give a multiple choice test. Projects are for mid semester.

If you find yourself fending off the scaries this week, here's a video that I can't stop watching. You're welcome.

About the Author: TCA is a Ex-Mechanical Engineer in his 4th year teaching. He takes his coffee black and his tequila on the rocks. There is a good chance everything he writes has errors...Engineers are't known for their writing prowess.


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