Friday Prep 12/7/2018

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

The Week That Was: 12/7/2018 Its Friday again. If you have a have story you want featured on "Friday Prep" shoot us an email at teachersofacertainage@gmail.com. The best stories from the week will be featured every Friday. Lets get into it.

Viva La Revelation- High School "Today a student asked, while crying, if he could talk to his counselor to see if it was O.K. for him to make up work in my class that was turned in 2 months ago. I told him its not up to his counselor. He started balling." - James (Math)

You must have ice in your veins. Props though, some kids need the consequences.

The Drive by Spitter - Jr. High

"I had my door open at lunch so students could come get some extra help or try to escape the rain. Two kids ran by the door. One yelled 'Attack!!!' while the other spit on my door. Come to find out they were just running around the school in the rain spitting on open doors. Because it was raining there wasn't a whole lot of supervision outside to see who it was. They hit 10 doors before they were caught."

-Tori (English/History)

Haha. What possess Jr. High kids to do the things they do. The world may never know.

Restroom Release - Elementary

"Students at my elementary school have found that if they decided to...for lack of a better term...relieve themselves in their pants, their parents will be called and they get to go home early. This week I had 7 kids crap themselves just so they could go home early. One kid even did it twice. No one knows what to do. The laws that governed social interactions ceased to exist. It is now socially acceptable to crap yourself so you can go home early. None of the students seems to be embarrassed by it. I'm completely dumbfounded."

- Ashley

Wow. They hate being at school so much they would rather crap themselves in front of their their friends. Good luck.

Enjoy your weekend. You've all earned it.

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