Friday Prep 11/30/18: The Week That Was

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

The Week That Was: 11/30/2018

This is the first of hopefully a regular posting on Friday. The goal is to take the best stories sent to us from readers and post them here with some lite commentary. If you have a have story you want featured on "Friday Prep" shoot us an email at teachersofacertainage@gmail.com. The best stories from the week will be featured every Friday. Lets get into it.

Solar Epidemic - Jr. High

"Yesterday in class a girl yelled out 'I like Uranus!' at me."

- Riley

Riley, you gotta appreciate the classics. This joke stands the test of time. (Science)

I Too Like to Live Dangerously - High School

"A student found a dirty old beaker in one of the storage cabinets and poured their coffee into it. I didn't notice until about half way through the class that they were drinking out of beaker. I'm pretty sure those beakers were most recently used to boil down salt water, but I told them that those were the Hydrochloric acid beakers. He ran to the bathroom to make himself throw up. Now I'm just waiting for the email from his mom. This should be great"

-Jen (Science)

Nice touch telling him it was Hydrochloic acid. Who in their right mind uses a beaker to drink coffee. The mind of a high school teen male is a mystery. I bet that idiot couldn't even come up with a reason for why he did it.

Explicit Poetry - High School

"Today I had a sub for just one of my periods. Already a bad start I know. Anyway, today students were presenting poetry on first time experiences. Now, normally I wouldn't let class presentations occur while I'm out of class, today I made an exceptions so all of my classes would stay on the same schedule. I come back to class and excuse the sub. All of the students are a little unsettled. Then all of a sudden the entire class starts laughing as if in unison. The bell rings and everyone leaves, save one students. She comes over and tells me what happened. 'Um, so today while you were gone (Johnny lets call him) recited his poem on his first time having sex'. You've got to be kidding me. I'm going to kill the sub. I'm going to kill this kid. Fast forward to next class. I ask Johnny to share his poem again with the class. Everyone starts to laugh. He says 'Are you sure?'. 'Yup!'. So Johnny comes to the front and behind him on the projector I start a timer. He finishes in 15 seconds. The whole class is dead silent. I turn to Johnny and say '15 seconds for your first time Johnny? She must of been really disappointed.' Class explodes Johnny turns bright red. Mic Drop."

-Samantha (English)

Whoaaaaa Samatha. Shots fired. That kid deserved it.

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