5 Types of Students During Finals Week

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

Its "Finals Week" and students fall into 5 categories. If you think I missed a type after reading this leave a comment!

1. "The Worrier"

The Worrier is a high achieving lives for perfect grades. Its a good chance that at their graduation they may be the one kid who receives the "Perfect Attendance" award for their entire K-12 experience. This kid asks far too many questions and usually complains when some content on the exam doesn't quite fall in exact line with what was discussed in class. Ironically enough that same kid probable sets the curve. So annoying.

2. "The Savant"

F____ this kid. The Savant is that student who didn't do any homework. Slept during class. Was absent probably 15 days during the semester. Then walks into class during the final and aces the final. Good for you kid but its people like you that make the rest of us look bad.

3. "The Wanna Be"

"The Wanna" Be thinks they are "The Savant", but it's not even close. This kid tries so hard to act like they don't care that they may even make jokes in class about how they are gonna ace the final without studying. Final day arrives and this kid mind goes blank and panic sets in. They spend more time asking you questions about each problem than answering. Hoping to God that they can word the question just right so that you'll give them the answer. Fat chance kid. If the final is free response this one is the second easiest one to grade...low C probably a D.

4. "The Dumb Kid"

"The Dumb Kid" not for PC culture, but this kid is real. If you've spent anytime on Reddit and read about Kevin then you know this kid is real. (Follow this link to read about Kevin) This kid has no business being in this class. It's by happenstance and probably a mistake on the counselor that they are even there. IF this student shows up for the final this is for sure the lowest F you'll see all year. The best part is they don't even care and neither do the parents. Brian Reagan said it best "Just put an F on there and let me go home."

5. "The Unicorn"

"The Unicorn" is the model student. Respectful and hardworking this student aces the final and never asks you for anything. They a perfect in every way. This student is almost too good to be real...They aren't real...They don't exist. Sorry.

About the Author: TCA is a Ex-Mechanical Engineer in his 4th year teaching. He takes his coffee black and his tequila on the rocks. There is a good chance everything he writes has errors...Engineers are't known for their writing prowess.


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